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Impact Recruits Part II – 2023

I was going to post this on Monday, but with BECC this weekend I had to stir the pot. Dive in to part II of our Impact Recruit series, where Harvey and I take a look at athletes we think can make a name for themselves in their first year.

As always, the players featured aren’t ranked in any meaningful order, as we at FrogJump do not rank incoming recruits. Parents, do not email me asking “why was my athlete not listed”… you will not like my response. If you’re headed to BECC this weekend, feel free to tell me my takes are garbage in person. See you in Virginia!

Kody Rogan – Setter – Randolph Macon

The Yellow Jackets have a few incoming freshmen worth talking about this year, but I’m going to start with Kody Rogan. I’ve loved the competitiveness I’ve seen when I’ve watched him live and he has the game to back it up.

He’s dynamic, well-rounded, has great location, and will have a plethora of weapons for the next several years with the current roster at RMC. Heard it hear first, look out for Randolph-Macon.

Andrew Ahn – Outside Hitter – Arcadia

Arcadia has a lot of outside depth on its roster, but Andrew Ahn is a recruit I think can make an impact in the MAC this year. A confident passer with an all-around skill set is a coach’s dream, and I’m betting we’ll see him on the court sooner rather than later this season.

Arcadia will be reloading following the departure of several seniors, but their future (in my opinion) is bright.

Tate Miller – Outside Hitter – Concordia University of Wisconsin

Coach Madson has a couple of solid pins in his 2023 class, one being Tate Miller. A starting Outside for the nations top high school team, Miller caught my eye earlier this year and has impressed since.

The youth movement is coming of age at CUW, and Miller should complement the core of Kebisek, Herman, Beres and Ellingham as the Falcons look to make moves in the NACC.

Thad Teraszkiewicz – Outside Hitter – New Paltz

The 6’2’’ Outside from Northeast Volleyball club isn’t the flashiest player, but you don’t need to be flashy to win. A solid arm with good athleticism, Thad’s play reminds me a lot of Grant Oh (Outside Hitter) from MIT.

If he survives his first frog jumps in preseason, he’ll get time throughout the year. There’s only one!

Mike Cummins – Outside Hitter – Roanoke College

Mike Cummins (#6) with the straight up House.

The 6’4 Outside from ODVA joins Coach Reinsel and the Maroons for their first year in the landscape. Long, lanky, and fast… he’ll be thrown into the crucible almost immediately as Roanoke will compete in the CVC for 2023. The first year of any new program is all about culture building and growing pains, but the potential is there for Cummins to be a force in the future.

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