Welcome to the Pond – Lauren Lesser

It is a privilege to introduce our newest teammate here at the Pond, Lauren Lesser. An alumnus of Juniata College, Lauren spent her time in Huntington studying Professional Writing while competing for the Eagles Softball team. Lauren currently works for Duquense University as the Assistant Director for Academic and Student Services assigned to the Dukes Football team.

She is a seasoned higher education professional with a focus in student-athlete development and academic success. Over the last five years she has developed a varied skill set to include academic advising, academic coaching, community engagement, career navigation, instructional design.

In between her time being an awesome human helping student athletes become their best selves, Lauren will be making an immediate impact as FrogJump’s Graphic Designer. No longer will any of you have to suffer through my (Ramius) terrible feature images and atrocious font choices. Welcome her to the team and be on the lookout for some of the cool stuff we have in store for D3VB.