Welcome to the Pond: Johnny Deepdish

As I’m sure many of you have noticed from our social media teasers yesterday… The Pond has recently added a new correspondent!

For those who have followed FrogJump content over the last year, you know I have spoken often of the East Coast bias which occasionally runs rampant through our landscape. For the longest time, D3VB growth was driven by its popularity and institutional support on the East Coast. This cultural component of our sports history lead to countless strong programs developing here, and while schools like Carthage, UC Santa Cruz, and MSOE were always known within our landscape; the East Coast Programs largely dominated (Springfield, Juniata, etc).

While the Molten Division III Final Four was the unofficial DIII Championship… the real battles (my biased opinion) of every DIII program not playing in the MIVA or EIVA occurred in the Northeast Collegiate Volleyball Association (NECVA) Championship. I played during the last two years of the NECVA Championship, and it was a bloodbath of a tournament each time. The NECVA Championship helped fuel the growth of D3VB here on the East Coast, and for the longest time this was the power center because this is where the institutional support was. But not any more.

The D3VB landscape is changing, the Midwest is rising, and so FrogJump must grow as well! Johnny joins the team as our first Midwest Correspondent. He is an avid D3VB fan with ties to several collegiate and club programs throughout the Midwest. I’ll let him speak for himself moving forward!Ramius

Thank You, Ramius!

Rome has fallen. Power moves Westward. No more East Coast bias. The championship has been claimed by the Midwest, and here it will stay.

Stevens Tech, Out. NYU, Out. Springfield, Out. New Paltz (sorry Ramius, Bradley, Connor), Out. Carthage, In. Dominican, In. Benedictine U, In. Rising programs in the MCVL, IN. You get the picture. The talent is moving for greener pastures.

I’m here to keep you updated on all things West of the Appalachian Mountains into the Great Plains of our country and out to the Pacific Ocean.

Get ready for some hot takes and debates. Follow me on Twitter: @JohnDeepdishFJ

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