Who is next? You Decide!

I want to thank everyone who has visited the site since our launch, and to those who have reached out with kind words. Frog Jump Volleyball is a brand for the D3 community, and the warm responses the last two days gives me hope for where we can take D3 together.

Whether you’re a college athlete, a potential recruit, a parent, or a friend… Welcome to “The Pond” of Frog Jump Volleyball; a community focused on the coverage, discussion, and analysis of D3 men’s volleyball in the USA.

You’ll have undoubtedly noticed the current “Landscape Series” on the home page of the site. This collection of pieces is a one by one analysis of each conference in D3 Men’s Volleyball. I truly believe in interactive content, and so I’m asking everyone who visits to share their preference for the next subject in this series via the poll below. The poll will be live until 7pm Friday EST, so get your votes in now.