Landscape 2021 – The NACC

I was particularly excited to write this piece at the conclusion of the Landscape Poll. The D3 community needs to come to grips with something we all know exists, “The East Coast Bias”. I am guilty of it myself, and admitting it is half the problem. D3 volleyball was defined by NECVA institutions for so long it has left an ingrained sense of superiority within the East Coast Volleyball community.


The NECC is one of the weaker conferences in the DIII landscape, normally ruled with an iron grip by Endicott, a former NECVA school with an established volleyball tradition. Over the last few seasons Elms has emerged to contest Endicott’s conference supremacy, and the two have since sat atop the conference largely unchallenged.

Landscape 2021 – The MAC

For this entry in the landscape series we will look at one of the newer volleyball conferences to join the DIII scene, the Mid Atlantic Conference (MAC). The MAC first sponsored Men’s Volleyball as a sport in 2018, and many of the current conference members likewise have young DIII programs.

Landscape 2021 – The CVC

The next piece in the landscape series highlights the second powerhouse conference in DIII men’s volleyball; the Continental Volleyball Conference (CVC). Much like the UVC, the CVC has historically been one of the deeper and more competitive conferences in Division III. The two go back and forth every year attempting to claim the mantle of “Toughest Conference”, and CVC teams are no stranger from NVA/AVCA rankings.

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