Top Middles – 2021

Middle Hitter, Middle Blocker, Quick Hitter, Middle Attacker… all names we as a community have assigned those athletes standing in between the pins. They are quite literally the central pillar a team’s defense stands on, and critical to freeing up other hitters by constantly being a threat. They’re expected to read, go pin to pin, close blocks, and always be ready to attack the ball; AND THEY NEVER STOP MOVING. Here are the top middles going into 2021.

Top Setters – 2021

2021 will not be short of impactful signal callers. While I would love to dive into them all, a few stand out above the rest. If you’re a Setter playing this year, these young men are your competition. They are the mountain you must climb to be at the top in D3 Volleyball. Prove me wrong, and make me write about you next season.

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