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FrogJump Slunks

The Pond is proud to announce the release of our limited edition SLUNKS this summer! A special shoutout has to go to Harvey Pepperjack and Bradley Schneider, who took the lead on this project and have helped make it possible for our fans in the landscape. Likewise, I can only be grateful for the work done by SLUNKS, who continually proves to be the premier volleyball style brand in the USA.

You can purchase a pair from our associate website, Only available while inventory lasts, we will not be taking back orders for another run. Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.

The FrogJump Store

Throughout the year we will use this space to offer limited edition products for purchase. We’ll make general announcements via our website and social media pages when products are in development before making them available for purchase in the FrogJump Store (better name pending).

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