Social Media Assistant (Volunteer)

The Pond is seeking a creative volunteer to join our team. This individual will oversee content creation for our TikTok and Instagram. Specifically, we need someone with the skill set to create dynamic reels to grow our platforms.

I’ll be very frank; this opportunity isn’t for everyone. FrogJump is an all-volunteer team, and there is no money in anything we do (just pride). Applying for this opportunity implies you understand there’s no compensation for the work it entails.

FrogJump started as a passion project and is made up of individuals who understand what that means. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about the D3 athletic experience and wants to help create content highlighting the exceptional individuals within the D3VB landscape. “You can come here, or you cannot. Either is ok!”


1)      Manage our TikTok and produce reels for our Instagram, which features highlights from both men’s and women’s Division III Volleyball matches. This will require you to independently create daily content for our community, as we try to post once a day (not including weekends).

2)      Brainstorm ideas for new social media content.

3)      Simultaneously understand our brand’s mission and goals while providing exceptional content for the D3VB landscape.

4)      Make recommendations to the leadership team on ways to improve brand engagement on our social media platforms.

Position Requirements

1)      Proficiency with image/video editing tools

2)      Ability to receive instruction and constructive feedback

3)      Must be able to do independent research when creating content, must be able to find/identify possible game highlights from weekly feature matches

4)      Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

5)      Familiarity with TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter platforms

6)      Ability to interpret engagement from social media analytics

Application Requirements

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email with:

1)      Resume

2)      Answers to the following questions:

  • FrogJump is about telling the stories of D3VB athletes. In that regard, what is your story in your own words?
  • Why do you want to work with FrogJump?
  • Do you believe that you have the proper skill set for this position? If so, please expand upon your current knowledge and experience.

3)      Work Samples

  • Your application must include 2 different videos/reels to demonstrate your skill in creating content for our TikTok/Instagram accounts. Pretend you’re already on the team, show us your creativity.