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To D3 and Beyond

Too often, Division III is seen as a last resort. The allure of “D1 or bust” has only grown in the age of social media, and it really is too bad. In my personal opinion, the gap between high level Division III volleyball and low level Division I/II is the smallest of any sport in the NCAA. Regardless of sport, there are a myriad of excellent student-athletes who could have excelled at a higher level but have chosen to compete in Division III.

With that being said- I want to highlight those who have taken their talents “TO D3 AND BEYOND” and will be competing in the VLA Cup this weekend. I know many don’t take “professional” volleyball serious in America, but every league has to start somewhere. Having played with, against, and around most of these men for the past 10 years- I can tell you that there is serious talent and potential for professional volleyball in America (I plan on doing something similar for NVA in two weeks time). So let’s get started.

Chicago Icemen

Team LVC


Team Pineapple

Rising Tide


  • To our knowledge Rukkus will feature no athletes with Division III roots or connections
  • Boston Bounce


    Chicago Sweed

    Team LVC 2

    New York Pride

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