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Welcome to the Pond: Connor MacPhail

It’s with great pleasure I introduce Connor MacPhail as the newest member of the FrogJump team. More importantly, I’m humbled to announce him as the host of our upcoming FrogJump PondCast!

As the brand has gained in popularity within the D3VB community, many readers and followers have flooded our social media channels (and my personal inbox) with requests on if we we’re going to have a Podcast; we’re not. We will have a PondCast though!

While these plans were tentative at the beginning of the year, they have since solidified into a necessity. Our mission here at FrogJump is to provide you the best coverage and content of all things in the men’s D3VB landscape, and a PondCast is going to be necessary to fulfill this mission.

Connor is a Digital Media Management Major and the former voice/host of the Hawk Talk podcast. While all of us old people continue to write articles and make fun of Bradley, I’ll be forcing Connor to be the adult in the room and serve as the point of contact for our PondCast operations. You can reach him at

Get After It!

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